The overall aim of this policy is to safeguard the environment by:

Protecting and enhancing the environment where our business operates, and contributing positively to the wider environment.

Adopting sound environmental policies and practices to lead to better environmental performance by Churchill Catering and our associated business partners.

All areas of Churchill Catering’s functions, policies and activities need to be focused so that safeguarding of the environment is as effective as possible. Environmental policy areas have been established through consultation as well as reviewing our environmental impacts and will be flexible to reflect changes in the future. To achieve this commitment, Churchill Catering will focus on the following:

Reducing the use of natural resources

Reducing energy consumption

Encouraging sustainable transport used by our staff and suppliers

Improving air, land and water quality by our environmentally sensitive approach to everything we do

Enhancing the environment which surrounds our business outlets

Providing effective waste management, encouraging waste reduction, recycling and, where possible, composting by the separation of compostable catering waste

An Environmental Management System will be investigated to help Churchill Catering achieve its objectives in the policy areas described above. Churchill Catering will implement a mechanism for environmental management that identifies our environmental impacts, sets targets, implements actions, monitors progress and reviews outcomes. Churchill Catering is committed to:

Complying with all relevant present and future environmental legislation

Reviewing all our activities to identify those that have the greatest environmental impact

Maximising Churchill Catering’s beneficial environmental impact through he provision of its services implementation of its policies

Effective and meaningful progress monitoring

Measures to reduce Churchill Catering’s adverse environmental impact and prevent or eliminate pollution

Properly manage the environmental impacts of unforeseen occurrences and accidents

Achieving continuous environmental improvement

This policy of Churchill Catering recognises the role of:

Training and motivating our staff, and

Partnership with others

Tony Nicholl

Managing Director